October 20, 2021

Green Travel: A low-cost rail firm will provide an alternative to flying in the UK.

Lumo promises to provide a greener, cheaper and more comfortable alternative to flying on the UK’s busiest domestic route.

The hefty price of train tickets in the UK means that many passengers go to the skies instead, where low-cost carriers cut rail firms on many domestic routes. Has given Ongoing climate crisis And with more than aviation emissions, environmentalists have warned that such a scenario is unsustainable.

Enter Lumo., A low-cost, low-carbon rail firm that has launched an alternative to flying on the UK’s busiest domestic route (before the epidemic): London-Edinburgh.

All its electric trains will start running on October 25, one-way tickets. Will start at 14.90. Lumo said 60 percent of all fares would be 30 or less.

Once the establishment of the airport, flight times and travel times at the airports are scheduled, the firm calculates its services (travel time: four hours, 17 minutes) as soon as possible. There will be one train per day in both directions, which will increase to 10 by the beginning of next year. Trains will run on the East Coats Main Line, and will call Newcastle and Stevens.

This is how Lomo launched. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals., And UK rail operators – including First Group, which owns Lumo – face criticism. The ballooning price of fares.

“Traveling in the UK should not be a matter of luck and it should definitely not be the planet that pays,” said Helen Wilde, Lumo’s managing director. “Whatever your preferred method, we are likely to be more affordable and kind to the planet.

Green journey

Lumo said 60 percent of all fares would be 30 or less. Photo: Lumo

Lumo has no immediate plans to serve other routes. However, the firm said its trains provide a “blueprint for low-carbon, affordable long-distance travel in the UK”, along with their free Wi-Fi, seat catering and ergonomic chairs. More than half of the ship’s catering menu is plant-based.

“People are now thinking a lot about their impact on the environment,” Wilde said. “Rail travel is already the green form of long-distance travel in the UK.

Main image: Chiltern006

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