October 25, 2021

Green Keepers – by Lorraine Whitman – Concert Magazine

Vicky and her family had been trying to reduce single-use plastic at home for some time and found that the recycling bin was constantly filling up on containers despite their best efforts. It made him think seriously about change. Already familiar with the use of raffle stores, he thought it would be ideal to be close to home, as it is sometimes painful to travel long distances to use them.

With that in mind, Vicky, who was changing her shampoo bottles for once during the trip, was making the right choice with her beauty products.
Vicky said in her own words

“I wanted to open a store that would make raffle shopping easier for the people at the concert, but I wasn’t sure I would take that leap or time because both Neil and I worked full time.”

As soon as the lockdown began, although Nile worked full-time in food production, Vicky’s work as a dental hygienist ended overnight.

Vicky used it as an opportunity for research and planning, believing that now is the time to invest in making his dream come true. He spent countless hours delivering suppliers and once that was done he started looking for a location. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Vicky, her husband, family and friends realized that fate had changed when a unit at Concert’s Gladestone House was liberated and, with the help of two extraordinary landowners, Green Keepers. born!

Starting with a range of just 50 products, they soon reached the 300 mark and are still growing. They have everything from household cleaning to hair and body care, deodorants and more.

There is an option to buy your own container or buy beautiful glass bottles for reuse.

Dried foods and spices are available here, and delicious coffee beans, which they will grind to your own liking – my favorite Costa Rican mix. This is a great place to store your wardrobe needs. Vicky and her team are also proud to include equipment from many local producers.

He stated,

“The feedback and support we’ve received from the local community has been amazing, it really blew us away.”

Plus, they’ve recently been licensed to sit outside, so after shopping, customers can relax with coffee – remember to bring your own cup – meet up with friends and see the world.

One last word from the wiki,

“A lot of people have really taken this method of shopping into their hearts. We are very grateful to each and every one of them.”

I would highly recommend a visit to the Green Keepers, it is full of joy and has provided the concert as needed. It seems that dreams can come true. So I would like to congratulate the Green Keepers on their first birthday.

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