A two-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted and flown to Spain from Glasgow Airport has returned safely to Britain.

Lancashire police launched an urgent appeal for Gracie May Rogers, who went missing on Friday, after advising that officers had gathered at a woman’s company at Manchester Airport on Sunday evening.

The force added in a statement that “it has now been taken to safety.”

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Police say they have arrested a 35-year-old woman “whom we wanted to talk to about Gracie May’s disappearance”, adding: An interview will be held on time. ”

The force said a 39-year-old man who wanted to talk to spies about the disappearance “did not return to Britain”.

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Airport. Glasgow Airport.

“We would like to thank everyone who shared our appeal and played a key role in helping our investigation locate Gracie May. Your support is, as always, greatly appreciated.” Police said.