Google Maps filmed a funny incident when a child crossed the road

GOOGLE Maps detectives spotted a VERY awkward moment immortalized by the search giant’s cameras.

Photos available on a digital tool capture the moment a clumsy young man drops a bag of apples while crossing a street in Estonia.


A child can be seen carrying a bag as he crosses the street in Estonia.1 credit

The hilarious crash was spotted by Google’s street view cameras as they drove through the Eastern European country.

Street View is a tool on Google Maps that provides interactive panoramas from many street positions around the world.

Snapshots of the gaffe have gone viral before but resurfaced on TikTok earlier this month.

User @thegoogleearthguy shared their take on what happened to “poor fellow” with their 1.2 million followers.

The clip, published on March 11, gained 60,000 views.

It shows a young man on a street view with a bag as he walks down a street in the Estonian city of Tartu.

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As the Google car glides past him, the camera image jumps and the oily-fingered boy is seen in an awkward position.

He seems to be picking up what looks like half a dozen apples that fell out of the bag he was holding a few minutes ago.

TikTok fans expressed their sympathy for the unfortunate guy.

One user commented on the video, “Tear him up when he gets home… mom will be pissed.”

Another said: “It’s me with the eggs that my mother sent me for.”

A third wrote: “The poor guy just wanted his apples.”

This is far from the first strange discovery made in Google’s digital maps service.

In December, users spotted a $2 billion B-2 stealth bomber as it flew over farmland in the United States.

Satellite imagery available on the digital map service provided a bird’s eye view of one of the angular planes over the Missouri countryside.

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Attentive Reddit user “Hippowned” discovered a unique photo and shared it on the popular forum site r/Damnthatsinteresting.

The image is a bit blurry, but viewers can clearly make out the bomber’s W-wing and the famous “hawk-billed” nose.

This shape means that the radar has very few leading edges that it can bounce off of, helping it to fly incognito in enemy airspace.

The twin-engine aircraft’s exhaust ducts are also visible from the rear, as is its jet-black windshield.

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Google cameras captured the moment he spilled the contents on the road1 credit
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