September 22, 2021

Google has appealed for a record 500 500 million in fines for paying for news content.

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Google says it is seeking a 500 500 million fine from a French competition watchdog for using news content in its search results. Google says the fine is disproportionate. Watchdog says the company is not complying with EU copyright laws to compensate media companies.

“We consider the amount of fines we have paid to reach an agreement and to respect the new law,” said Sebastien Masouf, head of Google France, in a statement.

The fine was issued by the French Competition Authority in July., The biggest in the agency’s history for failing to comply with a single decision.

Content used in Google News search results. The watchdog said the company had failed to comply. Order to negotiate in “good faith” last April Use excerpts from articles, photos, and videos in search results with media companies.

It had to be complied with. EU Digital Copyright Act 2019 Establishing so-called “neighborhood rights”, ensuring that news publishers are compensated when their work is displayed on websites, search engines and social media platforms.

In September last year, French news publishers, including the French news agency Agence France-Presse, complained that Google was refusing to pay for web content.

Google insists it is in talks with companies, and has entered into agreements with some of them.

“We have expanded our offerings to approximately 1,200 publishers and modified aspects of our contracts,” Masufa insisted.

But media companies say Google never spoke to them despite their requests.

In issuing its fine, the competing authority gave the company two months to negotiate.

He said Google had failed to have “specific conversations” with media companies about neighborhood rights during discussions on its Google Showcase News service, which began late last year, and said the company’s The attitude “shows a deliberate, widespread and systematic lack of respect” for the order to negotiate in good faith.

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