October 27, 2021

Google Android latest updates – apps, maps, youtube, gmail latest not working because millions have been blocked from using key tools.

Could this be your phone?

Google announced the closure of the app in a short post on its website.

The ban will take effect today, September 27.

Unless users update their phones, they will be locked in by the software on this mobile.

The problem is, some older mobile phones can’t update to anything more recent than Android 2.3.

Smartphones that are stuck with Android 2.3 include Sony Xperia Advance, Lenovo K800, Sony Xperia Go, Vodafone Smart II, Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia P, LG Spectrum, Sony Xperia S, LG Prada 3.0 , HTC Value, HTC EV4G, Motorola. Fire, and Motorola XT532.

Check your “Android version”. If it is above Android 2.3 then you are safe.

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