September 23, 2021

Good Morning UK is under fire from ITV viewers on the Cowed Lockdown section.

Good morning uk On Wednesday morning, the coveted lockdown debate was set on fire by the audience.

She was involved. Ben Shepherd Discussing the biggest news topics of the day, including the return of students from England and Wales to school. Scotland Have already returned.

Kevin McGuire, Associate Editor of the Daily Mirror and Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail are regular guests on the show and joined the discussion. Back to lockdown As Schools reopened.

Susanna Reid suggested the need for another coveted lockdown.

Susanna said: “Doesn’t it look like there could be restrictions on their return this fall?

“I mean, if you look at the rising incidence of infections in Scotland after going back and forth to schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland …”

To which Kevin replied: “And the rate of infection across the UK is 20 times higher than last year.

“As soon as the cold weather comes and people start closing the windows and we get together more.”

“Well, we know what happened this time last year,” added Ben Shepard.

However, Andrew Pierce pointed out that there would be a lot of resistance to lockdown.

“I don’t think there will be any lockdown,” he said.

“Nicola Sturgeon has publicly stated that there is speculation that there may be a temporary lockdown for the birds, but that is not going to happen.”

Susanna added: “It looks like there will be resistance to the lockdown now but that doesn’t mean there won’t be sanctions, he can close the pub for example.”

Andrew intervened: “Boris Johnson will not be able to take the Tory party with him, he is determined now, we have to fix this economy now.”

Good Morning UK audience reaction.

The debate drew criticism from GMB viewers who suggested the panel was correctly predicting another lockdown.

One viewer tweeted: “Good old GMB is trying to put the lockdown back on its neck after a break! Where’s Dr. Doom?”

Another said: “Why another lockdown? If so, the vaccine program is not as successful as it has been suggested. I had a reason for the job. Come on. Do we have a circuit lockdown for the flu every year?

“Glad to see ‘Easy Restriction Proposal’ on GMTV, which could be forcibly returned to us? Anyone would think that this is ‘easy’ news that you haven’t worked on and more than that?” Want to extend more time.

The fourth said: “Once again, humiliating fear is spreading.”

Good Morning UK airs on ITV on Saturdays from 6am.

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