September 23, 2021

Good Morning is one of the most talked about moments in the UK as Off Com clears the ITV show.

Good morning uk There was no violation of the broadcasting code. Of Pierce Morgan. OfficeCom confirmed on Wednesday that controversial comments about the Duchess of Sussex had led to more than 50,000 complaints.

Pierce Morgan Good Morning withdrew from the UK following a wave of complaints to the broadcasting regulator.

That’s the way it goes. Offcom launched an investigation. In the comments of Good Morning UK host Pierce. Opera interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The ITV flagship morning show has become the most controversial show of the decade with 57,075 complaints.

But with one. History Concerning the controversy surrounding Pierce Morgan, what other moments of GMB have lifted the audience in their arms?

Using off-work complaints data from the last five years, Uswitch The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

5. September 2017 – 1,099 Complaints – Conversion Therapy.

Glasgow Times:

Susanna Reid and Pierce Morgan (Ian West / PA)

In September 2017, ITV was criticized for allowing Dr. Michael Davidson, a gay conversion therapist, to express his anti-gay views.

Pierce and his co-host, Susanna Reid, challenged Davidson’s extreme views and called on those who supported the “gay treatment” intervention in the “horrible big and small” show to be about 1, 1, at the moment. 100 complaints received.

4. November 2020 – 1,700 Complaints – Rishi Sink Disagreement Furlough Support.

Glasgow Times:

An instant flood of complaints with Ben Shepherd and Rishi Sink (Tolga Akmen / PA)

More than 1,700 complaints were filed in November 2020, however, at the moment Ben Shepherd and Chancellor Rishi Sink were involved – not Pierce Morgan.

Ben began asking the chancellor about the assistance being given to the 3 million people who had been excluded from the furlough scheme during the epidemic.

During the interview, the chancellor disagreed on the numbers, which left hundreds of spectators frustrated with the lack of support and information.

3. January 2020 – 1,756 Complaints – Copying Chinese.

Glasgow Times:

Phillips and his daughters (PA)

In January 2020, 1,756 complaints were lodged with Offcom when Pierce Morgan copied the Chinese language following an advertisement for the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips in a Chinese milk advertisement.

Although Offcom agreed to be particularly aggressive at the moment, it concluded that no action should be taken after ITV’s public apology for the incident.

2. April 2020 – 5,501 Complaints – Care Minister Helen Watley Criticizes Pierce Morgan Care Home Deaths

Glasgow Times:

Pierce Morgan’s ‘war’ interview with Helen Wattley sparked a flood of complaints (Chris McAndrew / UK Parliament)

As the height of the first lockdown was affected, Good Morning UK Care Minister Helen Watley’s two appearances came under fire, as Pierce discussed the number of deaths in care homes.

Off-Com received a number of complaints alleging that Pierce had a ‘war’ interview. Style And with his ideas, he was attacking and bullying the Minister of Care.

More than 3,000 of these complaints were directly linked to the two incidents, most of which were received after interviews. Health. Secretary Matt Hancock.

1. March 2021 – 41,015 Complaints – Comments on Meghan Markle.

Glasgow Times:

Meghan and Harry were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey (Joe Puglisi / Harpo Productions)

Last week, Off Com received more than 41,000 complaints about the show when Pierce accused the Duchess of Sussex of lying in a recent interview with Oprah.

In the interview, Merkel spoke of suicidal thoughts and racial abuse she received from the British tabloid press.

Offcom has not yet released the latest figures on the number of complaints received for the incident and is likely to break the record as the highest number of complaints. Television Moment ever

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