October 20, 2021

Good Morning Britain’s Richard Medley criticized Africa’s comments from ITV viewers.

Of Television The presenter came under fire after making a statement. Africa During the debate as a country. Vaccines Abroad with Gordon Brown.

Discussing the rollout of vaccines in other countries, Richard said: “It’s not just about loading these boxes on projects and blowing them up in countries like Africa, we need to have the infrastructure so we can deliver jobs.”

Gordon Brown replied: “Yes, we are working on that too and we are getting money to give to African countries so that they can increase their capacity to administer vaccines not only in cities but also in rural areas. City. ”

Co-host Susanna Reid added: “I think viewers might think, wait a minute, we didn’t expect young people to be vaccinated and we didn’t expect booster jobs.

“One hope was that a double job might suffice. Is there any reason to be a little more careful about the jobs we have that are safe because there may be other reasons why we may need to use them?”

Good Morning UK viewers were outraged by Richard Medley.

Richard’s controversial remarks drew criticism from Good Morning UK viewers who took to social media to share their views.

One viewer tweeted: “Third world countries like Africa” ​​- not sure Richard Medley will be on TV in 2021.

Another viewer on the ITV breakfast show said: “Is TV barren and powerless for which Richard Medley is the only option? #Gmb Being a presenter? ”

A third said: “Ignorant, illiterate, Richard Medley should know that countries like Africa are now called ‘developing countries’, not ‘Third World’.”

“I heard Richard Medley call Africa a country on live TV.” The fourth was added.

Good Morning UK airs on ITV1 on Saturdays from 6am.

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