October 20, 2021

Global concern when the Taliban appoint hardliners to senior government positions.


The Taliban on Wednesday welcomed the new government’s make-up in Afghanistan after appointing hard-line veterans to senior positions, with US awards on their heads.

As the newly appointed ministers and their deputies began to work after being nominated late on Tuesday, the acting prime minister. Muhammad Hassan Akhund Urged the fleeing officials. Afghanistan Come back, saying their safety will be guaranteed.

“We have suffered a great loss for this historic moment and the era of bloodshed in Afghanistan is over,” he told Al Jazeera.

Thousands fled after that. Taliban Power seized power in mid-August after a military campaign, many of them professionals fearing retaliation for their affiliation with a Western-backed government.

I bill to.Dozens of women took to the streets again to represent the new administration and protect their rights.

More broadly, people are urging the leadership to revive the Afghan economy, which is facing inflation, drought, food shortages and a lack of international aid when countries call themselves the Taliban. Away from

Tea United States He called for caution on Wednesday. “This is the caretaker cabinet.” White house Spokeswoman Jane Sackie told reporters. “No one in this administration, no president, no member of the national security team will suggest that the Taliban are a respected and valued member of the international community.”

Islamist militants have won a victory over the withdrawal of US military aid to Afghan forces.

The Taliban’s announcement of a new government on Tuesday was widely seen as a signal that it was not trying to expand its base and present a more tolerant face to the world.

The group has vowed to respect people’s rights and not seek out vendors, but has been sharply criticized for reacting harshly to the protests and for dispersing thousands from Kabul airport. That’s part of the reason.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken. He said Washington was reviewing the cabinet announcement. “But despite claiming that a new government will be included, the announced list of names only includes people who are members of the Taliban or their close associates, and no women,” he said during a visit to the US airport. no.” Germany Which has been a transit point for migrants from Afghanistan.

Tea United Europe He expressed dissatisfaction with the appointments, but said he was ready to continue humanitarian aid. Long-term assistance will depend on maintaining the Taliban’s basic freedoms.

Saudi Arabia He hopes the new government will help Afghanistan achieve “security and stability, while rejecting violence and extremism.”

The new caretaker cabinet includes former inmates of the US military prison. Guantanamo BayThe United States wants Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani. Terrorism Charges and has a 10 million reward.

Her uncle is the Minister for Refugees and Repatriation, with a انعام 5 million reward.

More protests.

The last time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan was from 1996 to 2001, when women were barred from work and girls from going to school. The group carried out public executions and its religious police enforced strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Taliban leaders have vowed to respect people’s rights, including women’s rights, according to Sharia, but those who have gained more freedom over the past two decades are worried about losing them.

Alison Davidian, the UN’s deputy head of women’s affairs in Afghanistan, said some women were being prevented from leaving home without a male relative or were being forced to stop working. The activity has “created incredible fear. And that fear is evident throughout the country.”

In an interview with Australia’s SBS News, a senior Taliban official said women would not be allowed to play cricket – a popular sport in Afghanistan – or possibly any other sport because it was “not necessary” and Their bodies could have been exposed.

In Kabul, a group of women wrote signs: “Cabinet fails without women,” another protest took place in the city’s Pul-e-Surkh area. Large demonstrations on Tuesday broke out when Taliban gunmen fired warning shots.

“The cabinet was announced and there were no women in the cabinet. And some journalists who came to cover the protest were all arrested and taken to the police station,” one woman said in a video shared on social media.

To avoid disruption and security issues, anyone who demonstrates should apply for clearance 24 hours in advance, the Taliban’s new interior ministry said in a statement.

For many Afghans, more pressure than cabinet formation was the economic consequence of the chaos created by the Taliban’s victory.

“Business is nothing,” said Shukarullah Khan, manager of a restaurant on Lake Qargha, a popular local resort near Kabul. “Banks are closed, there are no jobs, people don’t spend money anymore. Where does the money come from so that people can have fun here?” he said.

Deposed president Ashraf Ghani, Who fled Kabul when Taliban forces reached its outskirts, apologized on Wednesday for the sudden fall of his government, but once again denied taking millions of dollars with him.



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