September 18, 2021

Glaswegians wanted to celebrate Christmas for a new TV show.

Glass vignettes are needed for a new one. Television A program that will celebrate the city’s rich culture, delicacies and history.

In a Christmas special for the BBC, restaurateur and TV chef Andy Oliver will visit three Glasgow families to gain insights into their communities and traditions as well as their three different festive meals through collective learning. History And the culture of Glasgow itself.

The purpose of the program is to celebrate this role. the meal Gathering people and incorporating immigration stories, it wants to celebrate how new community groups are changing the face of Glasgow, as well as looking at the city’s industrial past.

Outline Productions is interested in listening to families (family, friends, flat mates, community groups) who want to share their festive food and traditions.

Anyone interested in hearing more about the product is asked to email [email protected] or call Claire on 07912 505607.

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