October 27, 2021

Glasgowst: Victoria Road Caf offers charming dining scenes.

Victoria Road is one of the city’s great highways, running as a channel to various neighborhoods on the south bank.

There is a new sense of energy and confidence in the region as businesses thrive and thrive in times of uncertainty.

When you walk to the edge of Queen’s Park and look around, it is clear that this is one of the most interesting places. Food and drink In glasgow

Glasgow Times:

It provided the first topic for discussion on the latest Glasgow Times podcast. Reporter Sarah Campbell and I both have daily food chats, now you can be part of the conversation by tuning in every two weeks to catch the latest episodes.

We’re going to celebrate the best in Glasgow and highlight the people and places that deserve your immediate attention. To get started, we spoke live with Daniel Rado on the Glasgow Times Facebook with coffee star Short Long Black from Daryl Ducherty, the neighborhood’s favorite Transylvania shop and Michael O’Neill from Cafe who is opening a new Italian daily in the area. Are

Glasgow Times: Paul Trainer and Sarah Campbell.Paul Trainer and Sarah Campbell.

Michael spoke of his pride in the area as someone who grew up nearby. “The road speaks for itself. There’s a great resonance about it, the different characters who are always there. You meet everyone, there are always people outside. My father ran a restaurant on Victoria Road 40 years ago. It is called Cesca. It brings the best Italian produce with this and many regional dishes. ”

Glasgow Times:

Darrell added: “I grew up on Gone Hill, just off Victoria Road, so I saw it in its heyday, when there were a lot of free businesses, then there were a lot of shutters in the quiet. What’s changed in the last six years. The neighborhood is always changing but now there are more people looking for coffee and food and this has helped local businesses and made the area a popular destination.

Short Long Black is among the cadre of coffee shops that have become a support network for neighborhoods during epidemics: “I remember when we reopened after the first lockdown, some of our customers cried in the first few days. Because talking to us, picking up coffee was the only conversation between them during the day.

Glasgow Times:

“He appreciated that we would take the time to talk to him to make sure he was OK,” he said.

Glasgow Times:

Daniel wants Transylvania to be as involved in the local community as possible so that the store can hold regular markets and events. He sees people from around the West End and other parts of the city walking around Victoria Road or cycling along the new motorcycle lane. “People arrive on Victoria Road and they’re probably going to the park but they see us first. I love seeing new businesses open around me because I know we can all work together and That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

Other local highlights include Sacred Tim Tacos, Errol’s Hot Pizza and Big Counter. The Queen’s Cafe will soon become the latest Loop & Scope outpost on Great Western Road.

You can listen to the full Glasgow Food Chat podcast on Spotify.

Town of Town.

Glasgow Times:

Juan Monroe is one of my favorite chefs in Glasgow. I first tried her food when she was the head chef at Cafe Gandolfi. I regularly attended lunch and a glass of Catalan wine when she went to design the opening menu at 226 Galloway. I last saw her during the lockdown at West Brewery where she was in charge of the kitchen.

On Tuesday, I was writing at CalvinGrove Cafe. As I complimented the mass of pain or chocolate that came to our table, I saw the young man here. He is the new head chef at Feinstein.

I have been told that a menu is currently being developed and will be replaced next week. This is good news for Argyle Street. Able to toast with Blood Mary from the bar.

Gala screening.

The Three Kings are notable. the film It tells a Scottish story, from Cena’s Oscar-winning producer and iBelle director of these miracles. To benefit the John Hartson Foundation, it will receive its first gala screening in Glasgow, St. Luke’s, on Wednesday, October 13.

Celebrating the football legacy of legendary managers Sir Matt Busby, Bill Shankley and Jock Stein, director Johnny Owen will introduce the film, talking to his friend John Hartson about making footballs and documentaries before raising questions from the audience.

Johnny is an actor, writer and director who has appeared in. Television Shows including Shameless, Murphy’s Law and My Family. He features Johnny Owen and Friends on Talk Sport Radio. He will travel to Glasgow next week with his wife, Vicky McClure – his fellow Line of Duty star Martin Compston has expressed support for the event.

Johnny said: “The Three Kings are football, especially Scottish football, and my love letter to my father. Just like my father Brian, I was the first man in my family in a century and a half who didn’t work underground.

“All three men can no longer be here, but they survive through these great football teams. The heartbeat of Stan, Shankley and Busby can still be felt in all these football teams.”

The John Hartson Foundation is dedicated to version cancer and support – the most common type of cancer affects men aged 15 to 45.

Brunch group

With the Calvin River and the Fourth and Clyde Canal running through it, Marie Hale is often referred to as the Venice of the North.

The canal is the most forgotten escape from the city, with locations around the West End. Weekend walks often start at Spiers Wharf where you’ll find Ocho, a cozy caf بیٹ sitting in the corner of a 1851 building. .

Collect ingredients like fried eggs, berries and bacon from the souja’s backhouse and then add chorizo ​​jam to start your day. Pumpkin is currently serving spices for this fall environment.

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