September 23, 2021

Glasgow’s St. Roach donates free DFB to Fourth Wanderers.

Fans of the Ryston football team have shown that they can generously donate a free defibrillator to another club after raising enough money.

Proponents of St Roaches FC have raised thousands of pounds to install a life-saving device for the upcoming season at James McGregory Park as part of a Glasgow side bid.

But when he discovered that he had enough money to sell the club badge so he could buy two, Fayyaz Candy Rock decided to donate the other team to a team in need in the West. Scotland Leagues

Glasgow Times: Andy Cameron, left and Jack Hogg after the draw. Andy Cameron, left, and Jack Hogg after the draw.

And tomorrow Glasgow Times. Lottery was in hand for the device, which will go to the Fourth Wanderers in Fort, Lanarkshire.

Mark Lawson, head of St. Roche’s Commercial Mall, revealed that the team was motivated to deafen after Dean Christian Eriksen fell to the pitch at Euro 2020.

He said: “After the incident with Christian Eriksen in Euro. Worldwide The coverage of his treatment and his successful recovery made us decide that we had to work as a small club as this incident showed that it could happen to any top player at any time. ۔

Glasgow Times: The club was encouraged to buy a device after Ericsson's demise. After Ericsson’s demise, the club was encouraged to buy a device.

“We came up with the idea of ​​making a St. Roach seed in the shape of a green heart, which we will sell to make enough money to buy a defibrillator.

“So far, seeds have been sent all over the UK to Belfast, and as far as Philadelphia, New York, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.”

In addition to selling the badge, St. Roach fans removed a signed Albert Kid jersey to raise cash, and supporters led by Matt McPherty completed a sponsored walk from Eddington to the team’s Ruston Road home.

Mark added: “When we started collecting them all, it became clear that we had come a long way.

“As a club, we had a discussion and decided that as the money was raised to buy a defibrillator, the extra money would be used to buy another defibrillator, and from here on out. The idea was to give back and draw. And donate to another club that doesn’t have one. ”

St Roaches President Andy Cameron said: “Financial matters should not be a barrier to saving anyone’s life and we are happy to hand it over.

Glasgow Times:

“Thank you to all St. Roach fans for their generosity and for moving forward as always.

“Congratulations Fort. We hope you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, it’s there.”

Glasgow Times reporter Jack Hogg said: “I am delighted to be here to draw for such a worthwhile cause.

Glasgow Times: Green badges have sold worldwide. Green badges have been sold worldwide.

“Congratulations to Forth and St. Roach fans for their kindness.”

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