September 21, 2021

Glasgow’s North Canal Bank Street will remain closed for another three weeks.

Port Dundas Street will remain closed for at least another three weeks after Glasgow City announces an extension of road works. Council.

Work has been extended to North Canal Bank Street, just north of the city center, to “enable road re-alignment, road section reconstruction and reconstruction”.

The road was supposed to reopen on Friday, September 10, but has now been pushed back until Friday, October 1.

Working hours will be between Monday and Friday, from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The bend will remain in place via Boron Street and Craig Hall Road.

The Glasgow City Council said: “The proposed road and public road improvements on North Canal Bank Street, between Craigell Hall Road and Boron Street, including the canal, have improved public spaces and created separate cycle lanes and footpaths to the north. Achieve goals and is a key integral element within the Canal North Gateway project.

It will also contribute to the community’s desire to rejuvenate the vast Port Dundas and Spears Wharf areas.

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