September 23, 2021

Glasgow’s latest crime figures show an increase in sexual offenses, assaults and murders because of the simplicity of coded laws.

According to the latest, sex crimes and serious attacks are on the rise in Glasgow. Crime statistics

According to Police Scotland figures, coveted restrictions have been relaxed in recent times, meaning that crime is returning to pre-epidemic levels after a significant reduction in lockdowns.

The number of serious attacks rose to 31 and the city had four more homicides in the second quarter of 2021-22 than last year.

Sex crimes increased to 527 in the quarter from 519 in the previous reporting period. Police expect the number of rapes and sexual assaults to increase due to easing of restrictions.

Thieves have been killed in various areas, from 522 to 294 last year, while shoplifting has caused a stir after more firms opened their doors.

Mark Sutherland, Chief Superintendent, Divisional Commander, Greater Glasgow, said: “The needs of our communities are affected by the quaid-related restrictions, but the effect is different from the same period last year when the toughest measures were taken.

“During the epidemic, we were asked to play a special role in supporting the people. Health And this new style of policing is being welcomed by our partners. It involves constant cooperation and engagement with them to ensure that the right help is given to the right people at the right time.

“We will maintain this approach to bring better results to the most vulnerable in our communities and ensure that we are targeting our resources for the specific needs of the people of Greater Glasgow.” ”

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