September 18, 2021

Glasgow’s juicy new healthy menu items are on display.

West End Valence Cafe Juicy We are delighted to see the end of summer as they announced the launch of their new ‘Hot’ Autumn Menu on Friday 3rd September.

As described, “in a bowl with a comfortable hug and a little hygiene. Health On the side, the menu will include your own porridge options, a nutritious new on Nachos and a range of toasts called ‘Basic, Badas and Booji’ which will be full of fresh local produce.

Glasgow Times:

Photo: ‘Nacho Average Nachos’

In the classic juicy. Style, All new menu items will be included with superfood ingredients, which will help you fight the early symptoms of the common cold.

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Fallon Carberry, founder of Juicy , A destination for our customers while maintaining their nutritional credentials

Glasgow Times:

Photo: Toasts take center. Stage On the new autumn menu

Of Bears Road. The cafe opened in May 2021 and has been loved by locals and celebrities ever since.

Juicy is now ready to open a new cover. Silverburn Shopping center this September with rumors that a third location may be announced soon.

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