September 21, 2021

Glasgow’s historic buildings are at risk for about ڈالر 1 million in funding.

A quarter of a million pounds of funding has been approved for the restoration of historic buildings in Scotland’s largest city.

The £ 240,000 package will support the repair and maintenance of Glasgow City Heritage Trust (GCHT) buildings, reuse of sites and repair of endangered buildings.

A special focus of the trust’s work is the stock of Glasgow homes.

Funding of up to 24 240,000 for the Trust from Glasgow City. Council The historic environment will enable 7 50,750,000 in funding from Scotland, as the latter partnership is subject to council funding.

GCHT was established in 2007, and has since repaired 563 historic buildings, rehabilitated 71 vacant historic buildings, repaired 26 endangered buildings and supported 177 communities. Education Plans

An independent review of funding for heritage organizations by the Glasgow City Council found that the provision of grant funding from the GCHT is the primary source through which residential and community groups in the city I can get financial help to invest in inheritance assets.

Kenny McLane, Glasgow City Council’s Convener for Neighbors, Housing and Public Sector, said: “Today’s approval of funding for the Glasgow City Heritage Trust will help us repair and rehabilitate many of our historic buildings and homes.

“The Trust also plays a key role in promoting Glasgow’s amazingly built heritage and building a foundation of traditional skills that can continue to preserve this heritage.”

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