October 27, 2021

Glasgow’s handland will not change the secondary catchment area.

The catchment area of ​​a “successful and popular” secondary school will not change after a lengthy investigation.

Council Owners promised to review access to Handland Secondary in 2019 after considering city-wide catchment areas.

After looking at school rules, applications and the area around West End School, Glasgow City Council now says there is no strong argument for change.

It came despite requests from a “small number” of parents in the Scottstown area.

Councilor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education“After Citywide Secondary School Catchment Consultation in 2019, an agreement was reached to look at Handland Secondary Catchment,” he said.

“Officers have now undertaken a wide range of work, including reviewing school rules, catchment areas and detailed analysis and applications that directly or indirectly affect secondary, and considering the real and historical trends of nearby primary schools. The last few years.

“Officers have concluded that there is no strong evidence to change the existing decentralized catchment area based on the number of children attending school, but rather to monitor trends in the northwest of the city and monitor educational benefits.” Recommendations will continue. To the youth. ”

A report calling the school “successful and popular” will go to councilors for approval on Thursday, detailing steps taken to review admissions to Handland Secondary.

It has four affiliated primary schools: Brom Hill Primary, Handland Primary, Thornwood Primary, and White Inch Primary.

The maximum capacity of Handland is 950 but the roll of 1027 contains 40% applications.

When Victoria Drive Secondary School closed in 1998, Scott Stone Primary School became affiliated with Knight Sod Secondary School.

For seven years, Scottstone Primary students have had the right to apply to any secondary school in the city, but in recent years a growing number of children are moving to Knight Sod Secondary School.

Education officials made a recommendation to the City Administration Committee in January 2019 to conduct a scooping exercise in view of the acquisition of Handland.

Officers found that the number of students going from Scottstone Primary to Handland Secondary has been declining in the last five years – from 25 in 2015/16 to seven in 2019/2020.

A small number of parents in the Scott Stone area called “The Avenues” asked to have their streets relocated to the catchment area.

The report states: “It does not make sense, or would be fair, to exclude this area or an area larger, such as on either side of Dumbarton Road, in the Handland Secondary School Catchment Area, or to make it a common area. You will have the right to send your children to Handland or Night Sod.

“As a result, Scott Stone Primary School will be connected to two secondary schools.

“There will be no strong academic argument for that.”

There were three options for the school: leave the handheld admission standard as it is. That is, no change. Add part of the existing Scottstone Primary School catchment area to the Handland Secondary Catchment Area. Add Scottstone Primary School Catchment Area to Handland Secondary Catchment Area.

The first two were rejected and the report added: “Given the need to provide strong educational benefits associated with any proposed change, officers will recommend Option I with a warning that officers should move to secondary schools.” Keep an eye on the number of students in the northwest of the city.

“Educational benefits should always take precedence over personal preference, ease of access and childcare.”

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