September 20, 2021

Glasgow’s former cemetery will be used as a play park.

A memorial will be erected at Calton’s former cemetery, which will be leased to a housing developer so that it can be used in part as a play area.

Home group in. Scotland And wants to take over the land as part of a social housing scheme on the street – with 80 homes planned.

They need to be provided with a “landscaping area and less play area” and they are negotiating with it. Council Above the former St. Mary’s Church Cemetery

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Glasgow councilors will be asked to approve a 125-year lease on an annual basis when they meet on Thursday. The initial payment will be 103,250.

A council report said: “To avoid suspicion, it is intended that burial sites will not be disturbed as works will only require scratching the ground surface.

The church has no record of burials on site, so families and relatives cannot be notified.

“If human remains or related items are disturbed during the work, the developer has advised the council that there is a formal process to notify the church and relevant authorities.

“Any disturbing items will be re-intervened as per the relevant guidelines.”
Burial grounds have been used as Blaze football pitches, but are no longer used.

Accurate explanations and wording of the memorial will be in agreement with the church, which has been “in discussion with the council since 2006 regarding the proposals.”
planning Consent for 80 homes, two in every 40 phases, is currently being finalized, but permission is up to the developer to reserve land for a memorial garden, facility area and play area.

The council’s contract and property committee agreed at a meeting in April to negotiate with officials on site.

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