September 22, 2021

Glasgow’s drunken driver was banned from behind the wheel for two weeks.

A man who was caught. Drink it Driving twice in three weeks is banned for more than three years.

Stuart Adamson, 21, was behind the wheel of a Land Rover on Learland Road in Kirknteloch when police asked him to pull over.

At Glasgow Sheriff’s Court, prosecutor Lorraine Ram Sangre said: “Police witnesses were on mobile patrol in uniform approaching the traffic lights and observing the vehicle. It stopped right behind the lights.

Police checked while stopping the vehicle. The accused did not have proper insurance.

“Officers asked the accused to take a breath test. Two samples were provided which showed that he was overweight.

Adamson was four times the size of the May 5 incident last year.

And in another incident on August 18, 2020, 21-year-old Menzies Drive was slightly overcrowded while traveling on Balorna.

Ms Ram Sangre said: “On patrol, police witnesses spotted a silver PGU driven by the accused.

“The vehicle was stopped, and police officers had reason to request a breath sample. When the accused did so, it showed that he had exceeded the limit.

Glasgow Times:

Adamson’s defense attorney explained that the crimes were relatively close.

He said: “He was going through a long-term relationship breakdown. He lost his job and lost his home due to epidemics.

“He was going from house to house with friends and it was all happening when the crime happened.

“Things have improved. He now lives in Galston and is in a new relationship. He will start work next week.

“He is well aware of the dangers of driving to himself and to members of the public. He appreciates that he will be disqualified.

Sheriff Valerie Mess imposed various sentences on Adamson.

He ordered her to supervise social work for a year and stay connected to alcohol services. The sheriff also ordered him to pay a 560 fine, disqualify him for 43 months and work 120 hours unpaid in the community.

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