September 20, 2021

Glasgow’s Annette Street Primary School was targeted by savages.

Education After the Southside School was targeted, the owners have requested locals near the schools to report anti-social behavior.

Over the weekend, thugs broke into the Annette Street Primary playground in Gon Gohal.

They left the yard in disarray after bags of salt exploded and spread around the outdoor area.

People on Facebook were urged to call police if they saw vandalism at the school, and school principal Chris Cunningham echoed the call.

The Facebook appeal reads: “The playground at Annette Street Primary School was badly damaged over the weekend.

“The school community would be very grateful if Annette Street residents could call the police if they were aware of the people involved in the vandalism on campus during school hours.

“thanks so much.”

Councilor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years, added: “It’s always sad to hear that a school is being bullied – they don’t realize it, or their It does not matter what the effect of their actions is.

“The school has cleaned up the mess left over from the weekend and I would urge anyone who observes any anti-social behavior in our schools to report it to the police on a normal school day.” ”

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