September 18, 2021

Glasgow will be as hot this week as Rio de Janeiro as temperatures rise this week.

GLASGOW Rio de Janeiro-like temperatures have been set this week as the thermometer rises to 27 degrees Celsius.

The city will be unseasonably hot on Wednesday as forecasters predict Indian summer.

Summer is officially over, according to meteorological terms, but the hot weather will continue for several days.

Temperatures have crossed the September record.

Stephen Dixon, a spokesman for the Met Office, told the PA: “It’s not uncommon for the UK to have hot spells in early September.

“Heatwave standards are likely to be reached in some areas, but this is largely a border line and the breakdown on Wednesday will also reduce the temperature.

“So it will touch and go to some places even if it is officially a heatwave forecast.”

He added: “Temperatures (on Monday) are likely to be high in the mid-20s, especially in the south, where good sunshine is expected.

“As Tuesday approaches, the heat is spreading further north across the country, bringing a nice and dry day for most of the UK with this hot weather.”

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