September 28, 2021

Glasgow Weather: The last days of summer are set for the city.

When we go in September, Glass Vision can expect to enjoy the last few days of summer sunshine this week.

Glasgow is poised to reach 20 degrees Celsius in the next few days, the temperature will drop as we move further into the new season.

The Meteorological Department has forecast sunny and dry weather today despite cloudy skies with 18 degrees Celsius.

Some light clouds are expected tomorrow, we will see sunshine which will bring the temperature of the city to 20 degrees Celsius.

Good sunshine is set for Thursday, with temperatures forecast at 19 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

As autumn officially begins in September, the Met Office predicts the new season will be drier than wet – and double the chances of warmer than usual.

The Meteorological Department expects high pressure to be felt across the country from September 3 to 12.

Experts believe this is one of the hottest Scottish summers this year, with figures between June 1 and August 31 yet to be calculated.

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