September 17, 2021

Glasgow University housing shortages are a source of frustration for first-year students.

First-year students at City University have to stay away from Paisley due to lack of housing.

University of Glasgow freshers are struggling to find a place to live to take their seats later this month. According to reports Times Today, some are offered seats in the privately run Hall of MyPad in Paisley, a 45-minute bus and subway journey.

The second, which is set to begin in just two weeks, has yet to find rooms in the student quarters for all first-year university students who have completed applications before August 22.

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According to The Glasgow Guardian – a student-run newspaper – delays have also created problems for visa students who cannot take their place if delays are not resolved.

The students have filed a petition accusing the university of lacking co-operation and demanding an “immediate response”.

Josh Lott, who launched the campaign, said: “The students who were offered a place of residence have been transferred to other people for no reason and less contact, more expensive, there are such students. There are those who are waiting to hear about the accommodation with the start of the two-week relocation.

“We request an immediate response from the student representative. Council And the university will ensure the safety and well-being of all affected students and what support will be available to students emotionally and financially.

“Responses may include measures such as providing financial assistance to cover travel expenses or arranging university trips to help with the additional cost of more expensive accommodation. Students at appropriate university distances for shared flats Finding accommodation and apologizing for the current. Insufficient answer. These suggestions are not complete.

The university has now reassured students that it is working to remove the backlog and ensure accommodation is available in all first years. A spokesman said: “We understand that students are concerned about finding accommodation for the new semester and we appreciate that finding a flat can be difficult.

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“The impact of the code on student grades and student demand is unparalleled. The university guarantees accommodation for all first-year undergraduate and postgraduate students who are new to studying in Glasgow, and continues to do so. planning To get it.

“As part of the process of fulfilling our guarantee, we are working with students and offering accommodation in Glasgow and city center, plus some rooms in a purpose-built residence in Paisley. ۔

“Although we are unable to guarantee UofG accommodation for returning or later year students, we are in contact with private accommodation providers who suggest that a limited number of options are still available. Regularly check the availability of provider accommodation and share updates through the Student Representative Council Advice Center.

The Glasgow Times also understands that students placed in Paisley’s MyPad Halls have been issued subway and first bus passes to use until January 2022 to enjoy the social aspect of the university, as well as taxi travel. For £ 350.

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