October 17, 2021

Glasgow Times Tots 2021 Winners Revealed

Glasgow’s sweetest baby and toddler The winner of our annual Times Tots competition can be revealed by looking at the Glasgow Times pages.

The winner of this year’s event – which celebrates the beautiful and charming children of the city – is Lucas Dennis.

One-year-old Little Lucas tops the Tots with a cash prize of 1000 1,000.

Runners-up are three-year-old Myla McIntosh, 13-week-old Reagan McCauley and one-year-old Elara Perry.

Myla has won £ 350 and both Reagan and Elara will be awarded £ 150.

It was postponed last year due to competition. Corona virus Epidemic but with life returning to normal, the event resumed in July.

Reading’s mother, Elena Story, from Eddington, joined the Times Tots after placing an ad on the Glasgow Times’ Facebook page.

He said: “I saw the contest on the Glasgow Times Facebook when it was advertised and thought I would just apply for it.

“I’m happy, I didn’t think he would win. He’s 13 weeks old now and he’s arrogant, very arrogant, likes to scream and likes the sound of his voice.

“He’s a character,” Allana said with a laugh.

“I’m going to treat Reagan, he needs a new winter jacket.”

Ellara’s mother, Melania Boyle, is a Glasgow Times reader from Denston, who also found out about our competition on Facebook. She said: “It’s good that she came in third in all entries.

“Elara is only coming for two, she is very dynamic, she loves drawing, playing, dancing and playing soft games.

“Her birthday is coming up in November. I’ll buy her something nice for her birthday.”

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