September 22, 2021

Glasgow teacher Jane Milligan became the ‘first lady of dance’

1 When Glasgow teacher Jane Milligan was named Scott Woman of the Year in 1973, we introduced her as a successful ambassador for “First Lady Dance”. ScotlandEncourages thousands of people from all over the world with love and passion for dance. This notable lady, along with Ysobel Stewart, was one of the driving forces behind the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

2 Born in Glasgow in 1886, Jane was a student at Glasgow High School for Girls, where her father was rector. Archivist Alan McPherson and researchers Alastair McFadden and Florence Adams explain on the Royal Scottish Country Dance website: I’ve been asking for advice over the years. ”

Glasgow Times: Jane Milligan.

Jane joined the Baltin Society, founded in Glasgow in 1912, to promote Scottish culture among the younger generation. When that society collapsed. World In World War I, Jane continued classes with national dances and exercises. This led to the rise of SCDS, which was formed in 1923 at Ethanem, Glasgow.

Glasgow Times: Jane Milligan at the 1973 SWOTY event.

4 Gene became Assistant Instructor of Physics. Education Dundas Well Training College in 1909. He joined the Volunteer Relief Force (VAD) and served in a military hospital in Valta, Malta during World War I. She became head of the Department of Physical Education in September 1917.

Glasgow Times: Jane Milligan at the 1973 SWOTY event.

Jane retired in 1948 but continued to play a key role in promoting Scottish dance in society and around the world. She met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and worked as a dance supervisor for the Scots. the film Council, and the BBC-produced film Mr Menuhein’s Welcome to Blair Castle. He died in July 1978.

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