October 20, 2021

Glasgow Shipyard supports BAE litter picking efforts.

The owner of Glasgow Shipyards has thrown his weight behind the community’s clean-up efforts.

BAE Systems has provided trash kits for teams in Gowan and Scottstone, where the yards are located.

With environmental charitable cap. Scotland The beautiful, shipbuilding firm has opened a new dirt pick-up center in Guan so that local communities can be part of their commitment to tackling the problem.

This is the first of two city prisons he will sponsor.

Helping Hands Letter Kits will be provided to the Goan Housing Association and Scott Stone Eco Trust for loans to local community members as part of the ‘Upstream Beetle’ campaign, which aims to remove marine waste from the sea. To reach the sea.

Barry Fisher, chief executive of Cape Scotland’s beautification, said: “The lockdown has shown us how important our local parks and green spaces are to us. Health And well-being. Unfortunately, the minority people are irresponsible and selfish, abandoning their garbage, leaving it to others to clean up and ruin our beautiful country.

“Using equipment at these two new garbage collection centers will help people deal with garbage in the areas they care about and help clean up Scotland.”

Kits with litter pickers, gloves, bag hops and high visibility vests to allow people to participate in individual or group litter picks.

Paul Felley, Director of the Academy of Ships Engineering and Engineering at BAE Systems, said: “We are thrilled to see our partnership with Cape Scotland Beautiful come alive with the launch of this new community cleanup hub in Guan.

“Supporting the communities of which we are a part is really important to BAE Systems. Our shipyard is at the heart of Goven and working in partnership with the beautiful Cape Scotland and Goven Housing Association to the local community and the river. Is a great way to connect with Glasgow and is very important to our business.

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