October 17, 2021

Glasgow schoolchildren plant 17,000 trees in the Catholic Bridge before COP26.

More than 1,100 primary school children in Glasgow participated in the environmental project.

Led by COP26, students across the city planted 17,000 trees this week on 13 hectares of Catholic Breeze.

The result is Glasgow Children’s Woodland, the city’s largest woodland creation in 40 years.

Organizers hope this will benefit both the local community and the environment.

Primary school children from 146 schools were part of The Last Woods Project, which aims to empower and educate children about their environment.

Glasgow Times:

The initiative was supported by COP26 partner, Scottish Power, which provided hybrid buses and volunteers to help children.

Keith Anderson, Chief Executive, Scottish Power, said: “Over the past few years, we young people have been greatly influenced by the positive steps that have been taken across the country to tackle climate change.

Scottish Power has supported The Last Woods Project in Glasgow to give young people the opportunity to create the Glasgow Children’s Woodland – the city’s largest woodland creation in 40 years – which locals use for generations to come. And enjoy. ”

The project is expected to be part of COP26’s legacy.

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