October 25, 2021

Glasgow responded to the council’s 30 30 billion roadmap for the Metro and M8 Gardens.

Glass Vignettes has commented on the council’s بل 30 billion “Green Transformation” blueprint for the city.

The “Green Print for Investment” prospectus, published 50 days before the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in late October, can see the creation of a metro and rooftop garden on Charing Cross above M8.

The key to achieving the local authority’s net zero target in 2030, the ambitious repository of public works, includes several other projects that will enhance Glasgow’s green credentials.

Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Leader. Council“The success of COP26 will be measured by how cities can take the necessary practical steps to secure the future of our planet,” he said. Our green print provides a large part of our roadmap.

But some in the city criticized the plans, calling them “sky-high” and accusing the council of trying to win votes in next year’s election.

One reader wrote: “What the council needs to do is empty the streetcars and fix the streetlights that are out before other jobs start.”

Another said: “Why not start small, empty the boxes and let the streets flow.”

One replied: “I think this is a story of winning votes. Not for reality.”

Others were even more horrified, with one saying: “Totally messy. It’s weird how this conceptual project is released before the conference.”

Glasgow Times: Susan Aitken. Susan Aitken

“It never will, and it’s clear the council can’t empty the baskets or clean up the city center right now, so 30 30 billion is a bit ambitious for Glasgow.”

Another said: “Great plan, but normal in the sky.”

The projects include proposals to expand the Clyde Climate Forest to 9,000 hectares and build a retrofit to insulate homes across the city.

The Glasgow Metro will connect the city center with the eight local authorities that make up the vast area. Plans were promoted earlier this year when they were included in Transport Scotland’s Strategic Transport Review.

The Cheering Cross Garden Roof Project, which has seen many repetitions over the years, will see a cap built on a section of motorway.

While the M8 currently cuts off the West End from the city center, plans are aimed at reconnecting pedestrians from Woodlands Road to St. Vincent Street.

Read more: b 30bn road map can see Glasgow-built metro and M8 roof garden.

There are also suggestions for using the power of the clad to create a district heating network.

A similar project is already underway at Clyde Bank, the first large-scale water heat pump scheme of its kind in Scotland.

As part of the Clyde Climate Forest, 18 million trees will be planted over the next decade in interconnected forests throughout the city, as well as in East and West Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire, Inverclade and North and South Lanarkshire Council areas.

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