October 27, 2021

Glasgow pensioner in battle with British gas after fraud.

An East End businessman has called for an end to his “nightmare” when nearly 0 240,000 was embezzled from his small business – he was brought down in a fight with his power company.

Jim McVecker’s printing firm was left in ruins after former account manager Sarah Cockburn transferred cash to her bank accounts instead of paying bills.

Cockburn also invented fake payments that were made to real companies when the cash was actually going directly to him. During his time at James McVecker Printing Works, he made 779 transactions.

The pensioner was left completely “blind”, however, his ordeal worsened when he was paid a 28,000 bill with the power giant British Gas, which he thought was paid. Pushed into battle.

He said: “It took them four years to realize that the payment had not been made and since then they have made my life a living hell.

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“I would say 99% of people pay, but I didn’t say that because I already paid. It wasn’t me who did it.

“I don’t know what happened to my money and I’m not allowed to know. No one helped me – neither the companies involved nor the legal system.

Cockburn was jailed for 22 months last April after admitting that McVecker was unlikely to be paid.

Delivering his sentence in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court, Sheriff Andrew Kubi told Cockburn: “This is clear from the information he provided to me regarding British Gas. You took 000 28,000 because of them. Insisted on trying to convince both British Gas and its employers that the money had been paid.

“Your actions have affected the day-to-day running of the business. For example, the diversion of British gas funds has jeopardized the power supply and the loss of profits, which has led to wage increases and recruitment.”

He added: “It was a serious breach of trust. These measures had material consequences for the company. The owner had to invest significant money to keep the business going. He had to realize enough assets to fund the company.” ۔

“Your actions have hurt the company. The company has lost members of the workforce and cannot afford to replace them.

“It simply came to our notice then. Health The employer’s ability to trust any employee, both physically and psychologically, is impaired.

McVecker, who lives in Bearsden, insists he is a “clear victim” and pleads with British Gas that he sees that he has done nothing wrong with the authorized payments. This company is being sent for power purposes.

He said: “What they say is that he worked for me, he stole money, so I am responsible. I will ask him, ‘Did we pay that bill?’ She was smart, she convinced everyone.

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“Most people will let him go, but I’m not the most people, so I won’t let him go. I want justice.

“I just want it to be honest, fair and just and I don’t think it is. I paid the bill and he stole it. I’m a victim, I have no money.

An independent investigation by the Energy Ombudsman said McVecker was responsible for repaying the money and directed British Gas to submit a payment plan to help pay it off. Should not give

British Gas is understood to have offered to work with McVecker to resolve the issue, including pointing it to a charity that could offer a grant for the outstanding balance.

An ombudsman spokesman said: “We appreciate that this will be a very stressful time for Mr McVecker.

“Based on the information we have been provided, we agree with Mr. McVecker that there appears to be a widespread problem with payments from his business account and that he is doing a good job of following up with the police.”

We hope that this will yield positive results.

British Gas declined to comment.

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