September 21, 2021

Glasgow nurse killed after attack on frightened pensioner at Crescentloch nursing home

Margaret Dunbar, from Glasgow, dragged the frightened 96-year-old out of her bed in August 2018 after she refused the help of two junior staff at the Lilyburn Care Home in Kirknteloch.

Dunbar then put the woman in the toilet.

According to nursing and midwifery papers. Council“It’s a disgrace, the way you’re treating these two young girls. You’re taking p *** from them,” he told the resident.

Dunbar then tried to cover up his actions by telling his colleagues: “You haven’t seen any of this” or his words.

At a hearing earlier this month, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) agreed that Dunbar’s behavior was below the standard of a registered nurse.

The former caretaker was convicted in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court in July 2019 of assaulting a pensioner.

Dunbar is thought to have resigned shortly after the incident and told NMC Fitness’s practice committee that she would never seek another job.

A report from the hearing stated: “Miss Dunbar’s rudeness violated the basic tenets of the nursing profession and brought her into disrepute.

Furthermore, the panel was satisfied that confidence in the nursing profession would be weakened if the allegations of dishonesty were not taken seriously by its regulator.

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