September 21, 2021

Glasgow MSP Palm Duncan Glancy has called on the Scottish government to enact a sidewalk parking law.

Two years after a law was passed to tackle sidewalk parking, which is a barrier for pedestrians and wheelchair users, it remains to be implemented.

Holliday passed the law in response to concerns that roads were unsafe because vehicles were blocking sidewalks in some densely populated areas.

The law makes it illegal to park on sidewalks to make roads safer and prevent pedestrians, especially those with mobility or visual impairments, or force pushchairs on the road to avoid parked cars. Is done.

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The problem was more pronounced in parts of the western part of the city where there were more cars than parking spaces.

It was passed in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 after Calvin MSP, Sandra White introduced a member’s bill to address the issue.

She was initially backed by the MSP in Hollywood in 2016, but did not win before the election this year and had to return three years later before she was finally approved.

Two more years later, Glasgow Labor MSP Palm Duncan Glancy has raised the issue again at Holyroad because it has not yet been implemented.

He asked Transport Minister Graeme Day when the Scottish Government expects to implement the provisions of the Transport Act prohibiting sidewalk parking.

The minister said that the epidemic of cowardice and Briggs had caused delays and some consultation was needed before it could be completed.

“Officials are continuing to consult with local authorities to develop guidelines for secondary legislation and parking standards and to consult with the public about areas covered by the legislation,” he said.

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“In addition, it takes local authorities about 12 months to review whether they want to grant exemptions, by standard, anywhere prohibited.” The majority of secondary legislation is expected to take effect by 2022.

Duncan-Glensy asked what funding the government was providing to fully implement it.

“It’s been almost two years now,” he said. Scotland The 2019 Act received royal approval.

“What funding is the government providing for the implementation of the ban on road parking? What is the review of any funding it has provided to date?”

D replied that work was in progress. He added: “As far as the member is concerned, the implementation of the parking elements was hampered by Coveid and Bridget, but work is now in full swing.

An initial 1. 1.6 million has been allocated to councils for evaluation, along with draft chapters of the Parking Standard Guidance document.

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