October 27, 2021

Glasgow MSP for adult planning for children with disabilities to drop out of school

The GLASGOW MSP has launched a bill to ensure that all children with disabilities have a legal right to a school-to-youth transfer plan.

If passed, the law would ensure that all young people with disabilities receive the support they need to improve in school and youth as well as their outcomes.

Labor spokesman Pam Duncan Glancy said young, disabled people have been “disappointed for a long time.”

He added: “Their results from school are worse than anyone else and this is not a situation we should be allowed to continue. If we want to build a society where all children can grow up and have the opportunity to fight to achieve their goals, we all need to use our potential.

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Ms Duncan-Glensi claims that young people with disability-related extracurricular needs (ASN) are twice as likely to go out of work, after a year of compulsory leave. Education. By age 19, people with ASN do not want to be in employment, education or training (NEET) three times more than their disabled peers.

Things get even worse at age 19 because young people with disabilities are three times more likely to be NEETs (not in employment, education or training) than their non-disabled peers.

Ms Duncan Gliansi added: “This bill will help make that happen and I’m proud to introduce it today. Migration requires strategy and planning, we can be sure that no one gets cracked. So far, countless plans and efforts have not given us the change we need – disability jobs The gap is still 35.5 percentage points and their chances of admission and further or higher education are still low.

“The steps that this bill sets out are necessary to change this and to address the challenges that young people with disabilities often face during their transition from school. They have been frustrated for so long. Now is the time to Take the necessary steps to make a solid, lasting difference in your lives. That’s why we need the bill and why I brought it back to Parliament. Looking forward to getting help from those in dire need.

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The bill would appoint a minister to oversee the transition and make it a legal requirement for local authorities to plan. The job was overseen by former Labor MSP Johan Lemont, but he was unable to pass through parliament before the spring election.

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