October 17, 2021

Glasgow Mission Aviation Fellowship Boss Funding Bid.

A GLASGOW charity boss has faced a major fundraising challenge Corona virus Vacuum

Public places and churches closed their doors as soon as Cowed 19 arrived in the UK, and community awareness and fundraising events have stalled over the past 18 months.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Scotland Boss Heather Meloch and her team decided to take on the task themselves – raising about 17,000 in the process.

Heather said: “We had people who were really lacking in volunteering, the backbone of the MAF in Scotland, and we were eager to help others in any way we could.

“So, as a team, we’ve come up with a campaign to help our volunteers and supporters, as well as raise awareness of MAF’s work.”

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Their key goal was to ensure that remote and vulnerable communities in low-middle-income countries, where MAF flies, were not forgotten during the Cove 19 crisis.

Heather also wanted to find creative ways to engage volunteers and supporters who would usually help the MAF through events and fundraising activities, all of which were canceled during the lockdown, leaving people in severe isolation. Realized

[Since the formation of the MAF in 1945, its support arm in Scotland has relied on community events and a network of volunteers for awareness and necessary funding.

Now considered the world’s largest humanitarian airline, MAF provides aid, medical care and emergency assistance to more than 26 low-income countries, and has flown vaccines, testing kits, PPEs and medical teams. Corona helps fight the virus. The most isolated places in Africa and Asia Pacific.

With plans for all special events to cancel the charity’s 75th birthday due to the corona virus in 2020, Heather and her team decided to commit to 75 miles a day by taking the MAF Scotland 7 and 5 campaigns will be launched. Heather hoped to encourage others to raise funds – but never thought the campaign would gain momentum.

Setting an initial target of 7,500 – keeping in mind the ‘7 and 5’ theme – Heather admitted that her team was nervous.

He said: “A lot of people are facing physical, financial and personal challenges, we didn’t expect such incredible help – but the people of Scotland are generous with their time and money around us. Rallyed out.

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“It was really humbling to see so many people come forward to help and we certainly never expected to double our goal. We were greatly blessed by the results, and this was the beginning of a campaign that Construction is underway. ”

He added: “As a team, we have never had a fundraising challenge before, but it was a great team building experience. It was the first time we had met in person since the onset of the epidemic, which Made it even more memorable.

“It was a great way to celebrate 75 years of MAF’s amazing work.”

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