September 18, 2021

Glasgow McFly’s Fried Chicken Restaurant Overview.

When I write reviews for my Times Takeaway, I often try to present some humorous scenes or reminisce to make my way in business easier.

For example, I once wrote a terrifying * blasphemous * introduction to it. Perry Perry Chicken for the first time.… They tell you Always Remember your first time.

On another occasion, he hated the Italian football team. Infamy against Scotland In 2007 Teased me for an average chip. (Note: After defeating England in the final, Italy is back in my good books).

But this time, it’s just about the meal.

My fianc (yes, the last time I wrote a review upgrade to his girlfriend!) And I had just returned from a visit to Cornwall, so a takeaway was always on the cards.

Although she often chooses the healthiest option, I had only one thing in mind: fried chicken.

“What about McFly?” , My colleague asked.

Glasgow Times:

I had never heard of it, but there was a quick check on delivery and our order.

We ordered each burger and plain tenders and a portion of thin fries.

I, the cook I am, chose OG Chicken Burger. Note: I had to call the restaurant to physically edit (no sauce, etc.), as there was no personal option on the app.

My fianc ،, more adventurous, went for a harajuku burger with an extra karma cola sauce and ‘little ace’ corn on the cob.

Our order arrived about 40 minutes after payment.

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Now, I’m not a chicken expert by any means, but I love KFC now and then; so my expectations for the fried chicken joint in the market were high. But I would lie if I said I was not disappointed. The tenders felt a little dry.

The chips felt a little lifeless. They were experienced, but then I think it would be a different review if I was eating in the store.

My burger was well taken care of. A simple chicken and cheese burger; just an alternative to the classic box.

My partner’s decision? The corn was perfectly cooked and exceeded expectations – with strong spices and sauce.

Given the strong taste of the corn, she expected more from the burger – it was just her disappointment. He still tasted the fresh taste and enjoyed the crisis coming from Sulu.

But he disagreed with me on tenders, especially after he was immersed in karma cola sauce. This should be of some note to readers.

If you have a taste for adventure, this might be the place for you. If, like me, you’re a little nervous – stick to Kentucky.

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