September 20, 2021

Glasgow March 5 announces accommodation at SWG3.

Two of the West Indies’ biggest names are joining forces this September as the team lags behind. March 5 Announce new accommodation in SWG3.

Taking over the Ard and Performance Space Acid Bar, March 5 will remain on its traditional sharing plate, this time with ‘Go Sangatsu’ with Japanese influence.

Glasgow Times:

Organizers say head chef and co-owner Peter McKay’s new menu will “focus on the vibration, balance and worship of standard ingredients, giving a fresh look at Japanese ways.”

Joanna Nathari, co-owner of Five March, said: “We have a real love and respect for Japanese food and because we have a lack of knowledge from generation to generation that pays homage, we do not offer traditional menus. It is an impressive food that we like.

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“Through this new project, we can see what happens when we take everything we know and break it down on March 5. Style.

“Go for a Sangatsu experiment, so we can’t think of a better place for it than the famous Acid Bar.”

Glasgow Times:

This is the first time in a year and a half that a residency will be held at Acid Bar, which has previously provided pop-up opportunities for some of Glasgow’s most prestigious restaurants.

Glasgow Times:

Merle Gilbert, SWG3’s commercial manager, said: “We are excited that the acid bar is finally reopening.

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“In the past, we’ve hosted some fantastic residences that run from three months to a year with some well-established names, including Pau, Aux & Finch, Medlabh by Kyle Brooch and Julie’s Copetium. ۔

“Now, we are very happy to welcome Gu Sangatsu as our first residence.”

Gu Sangatsu will open on September 3.

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