September 18, 2021

Glasgow housing champion Pat McGanley has died.

Tributes have been paid to Glasgow residents.

Pat McGanley, who died after a short hospital stay, was a founding member of the Glen Oaks Housing Association in Ardennes and has been described as “inspiring and irreparable.”

Known throughout Glasgow housing circles, its huge contribution was also described as “impossible to measure” after decades of good housing.

Simon Gaunt, chairman of Glen Oaks, called Pete a “visionary of community-based housing” that has left an “unprecedented legacy.”

Simon said: “The loss of the stomach has been deeply felt by the Glenn Oaks family but it has strengthened us with the incredible work that the stomach has done over 30 years.

Pete was a founding member of Glen Oaks in 1991 and knew from the start that there was a job to be done.

“The goal was to provide good housing for our communities while improving the areas where people lived.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“We just couldn’t do without it.”

Glasgow Times:

The Glen Oaks Housing Association was formed to take ownership of 310 homes in the then Glasgow District. Council.

This has grown significantly over the past 30 years with a program to build homes and rebuild communities.

Glenn Oaks chief executive Alasdair McKee was appointed to the role by Pete and other founding members at the time the organization was formed.

“It’s very difficult to measure the contribution Pete has made to Glenn Oaks over the years,” said Alasdair.

“Pat Glenn was Oaks, but outside of the association he was highly respected by his colleagues because of his experience and commitment to work.

Pete will be very much missed and I am very much indebted to him.

Thank you for your wisdom and guidance in our long and happy association.

Pete has served as Glenn Oaks’ chairperson and vice chairperson on several occasions, and her work was recognized when she was awarded an MBE for housing services by the Queen in 1999.

Morne Cope, MBE, former chair of the Ardinglean Housing Association in Castle, called Pete “impressive and irreparable.”

Maureen said: “The whole of the Housing Association movement in Glasgow and beyond is grateful to Pete for his vision of how good housing can change people’s lives.

“His wisdom, enthusiasm and tireless campaign helped shape Glenn Oaks from the day he was created.

Glasgow Times:

“The stomach was not only impressive.

“It’s just irreparable.”

Behind the belly of Darley are son Gerard and his wife Liz, daughter Carol Ann and granddaughter Allana.

Funeral prayers will be held Thursday, September 2, at 10 a.m. at St. John the Evangelist Church, Ors Road, Bearhead.

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