October 18, 2021

Glasgow High Court: Thug leaves life-threatening injuries after stabbing a man

A THUG who left his victim with life-changing injuries when he refused to meet with him has been jailed for seven and a half years.

Connor Duffy, 21, brutally assaulted Jamie Docherty on May 4, 2020, while lying in bed in a flat in Port Glasgow, Inverclid.

As a result of the unprovoked attack, Mr. Docherty’s heart is now working at 20% of his capacity and he is at risk of blood clots.

Duffy was convicted today in Glasgow High Court of having earlier pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

The 21-year-old victim, a judge said Health “Completely broken” is omitted.

The men were in contact with each other through Facebook before the attack.

The court heard that Duffy had invited Mr Docherty to socialize in a flat, but he refused.

Mr Docherty was later lying in bed “undressed” when he heard a loud bang and the front door was forced open.

Glasgow Times:

Duffy and the others exploded – he was holding a kitchen knife.

Prosecutor Lindsay Dalzel said: “They entered the bedroom where Jamie Docherty was.

Duffy repeatedly hit him on the upper body. As he did so, Jamie Docherty shouted: ‘Why are you doing this?’

Duffy replied: “You deserve it.”

The thugs and others fled before the victim was taken to hospital.

He had five stab wounds – one caused a heart-rending tear.

Mr Docherty needed emergency surgery and was in intensive care for several days.

He was able to leave after that, but weeks later he had “complications”.

Miss Dalziel: “As a result of a heart injury, Jamie Docherty will suffer a lifelong disorder.”

The young man can no longer exercise and will spend the rest of his life on blood thinners.

Judge Michael O’Grady QC described the attack as horrific, disturbing and serious.

He told Duffy: “Obviously … he and the others thought for a good reason he was going to die. It was fortunate that he didn’t.”

“Not only did the victim suffer, but her health has completely deteriorated. Her life is a shadow of what it was and will always be.”

Duffy will be monitored for another 12 months after his release.

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