September 21, 2021

Glasgow Grub: Behind the Scenes at Giles Street Food.

Giles Street Food is home to some of the craziest and most amazing food creations Glasgow has to offer.

Of the meal The spot on Dumbarton Road in the UK, which opened just nine months ago but has already taken a storm on social media – and a huge following.

If you live elsewhere in the city, you can find residences at Newton’s Arms, Comboslang and Chandler’s Bar, Giles’ two pub kitchens at Claude Bank.

The popular food joint Funky C offers a shady burger, including a rainbow bagel, a single beef patty, Chris Bacon whiskey, mustard fruit, chorizo ​​and cheese.

Big diners (and often those who are hangovers) choose one of Giles’ signature offerings every Sunday – a special roast dinner special.

Roast chicken (or beef), tender system broccoli, glazed carrots, fresh garden peas, homemade roast potatoes, crispy black chips and gals juice (gravy) are all served inside a 12-inch Yorkshire pudding.

At this point, you may be thinking, ‘What else do I want?’

Well, last but not least, we were treated to another creation of Giles Street Food: Mozants.

This large donut-shaped mozzarella stick, coated with a mixture of spices and served with a dip of tomato, is the latest addition to the street food spot menu and is an instant hit with punters.

Take a look at three of Giles Street Food’s most popular dishes below.

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