September 20, 2021

Glasgow gets نیا 60 million new health hub green light

Plans have been approved for a new 60 60 million health and social care center at Parkhead. Council.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde can now take many services under one roof on the former site of Park Head Hospital.

There will be basic and social care services, including mental health. Health, Addiction, Criminal Justice, Homelessness, Sexual Health and Child Services.

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The Park Head Library is moving to the center and a 60-year nominal lease of 1 1 a year was agreed between the council and the NHS Trust in June this year.

The existing Park Head Health Center will remain open until the new building is completed. Work is expected to begin later this year and be completed by 2024.

“The new center aims to improve the health of the population through a shared location of services.” Scotland.

Many people within the zone are served by the Park Head Health Center and it is hoped that the new center will “improve access to a range of services for people living in the northeast of Glasgow and Will reduce the equation. ”

The plans added: “One of the main goals of ParkHub Hub is to reduce the pressure on hospital services by providing patients with integrated service models and to give service users greater access to all components of their care plan. Possibly if it can be delivered under a roof.

“The key to this concept is the creation of an open, welcoming and caring facility that is easy to visit and pleasant, quiet and high to settle.”

The Salamanca Street Hub will also include GP rooms, community pharmacy and dental services.

There will be three patio spaces to encourage outdoor activities, one for children to play in the yard.

The council will run the library, Glasgow Life, an arms-length entertainment organization, with other services provided by the NHS and Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.

The Health Center project’s goals include ensuring that citizens have “the right help, access from the right person and at the right time” and to reduce travel between centers.

The council approved a 2019 2.5 million contribution to the library’s development in September 2019.

Last month, councilors also agreed on a “significant” m3 million scheme in Kamlachi Bern to clear a blocked bridge between Shuttleston Road and Bigger Street, which has led to regular flooding.

He was told that health hub projects could not progress unless there was “sufficient confidence that the surface drainage connection” could be taken to burn.

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