September 23, 2021

Glasgow doctor suspends parents of sick children after scaring them over expensive private treatment

A doctor has been suspended from practice after frightening parents of children with cancer into seeking expensive private treatment.

At a recent hearing by the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service, it was heard that Dr Meena Chaudhry had encouraged families to take tests in private practice in London instead of seeking treatment from the NHS Pediatric Oncology Service.

In one incident, it was revealed that Dr Chaudhry had diagnosed possible conditions in three children without sufficient evidence or examination.

Dr. Chaudhry works as a pediatrician at NHS Fourth Valley, but established a private practice called Miras Healthcare where the parents were seen.

He also told parents that returning to the NHS for treatment would be “confusing”.

A previous hearing in 2019 found that Dr Chaudhry’s actions were financially motivated.

The panel will meet at a later date to decide whether the doctor should be killed and whether medication should be banned.

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