September 20, 2021

Glasgow City Leader Susan Aiken called for opposition to the British government’s refugee bill.

Leader of Glasgow. Council It has called on city representatives to oppose the British government’s refugee bill, which would prevent Afghans fleeing the war from settling in the city.

The new Nationalities and Borders Bill, which is currently under discussion in Parliament, would mean that more than 9,000 people who would normally be accepted as refugees under existing laws would be allowed to arrive No more protection in the UK. Refugee Council

Now Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken is urging all members to oppose the “Against Refugees” bill and pledge support for campaigns by the Scottish Refugee Council and other organizations.

A motion that highlights the horrors of Afghanistan’s tragic situation – including the overthrow of the democratically elected government and the Taliban-held country – will be presented this Thursday.

Councilor Aitken hopes the council will show deep sympathy and solidarity with the Afghan people and their community, many of whom came to the city as refugees from the war, and who are still protecting their family members. Live in fear Afghanistan

The statement read: “The Council regrets that the sacrifices and losses of the Afghan people and the British and international armed forces personnel have come to this conclusion and believes that this is the greatest foreign policy of modern times. Fails.

The council is particularly concerned about the safety of Afghan women and girls, noting that when the Taliban were last in control, women and girls were denied access. Education, Employment, participation in public life and freedom of movement and their basic freedoms and human rights were taken away.

The Council is highly skeptical of the Taliban’s claim that it will not be repeated, and urges the British government not to take the Taliban’s assurances at face value.

So far, Glasgow has agreed to receive 64 refugees under the UK Government’s Afghan Resettlement Scheme, and officials are working to identify suitable accommodation for more refugees.

Councilor Aitken believes the UK’s Afghan refugee resettlement scheme is currently less than what is needed to help reduce the humanitarian emergency.

She argues that past actions by British governments have played a significant role in creating the crisis and that it is Britain’s moral responsibility to do whatever it takes to help the Afghan people, especially women, children and the Taliban. Is likely. Revenge for serving in the Afghan Armed Forces or other national institutions.

The movement continues: “The Council therefore calls on the British Government to move forward more expeditiously in its response to the provision of assistance and support for the evacuation and safe resettlement of Afghan citizens, to ensure that more immediate resources are available to local people.” Authorities will significantly increase the number of Afghan refugees.

The Council finally noted that the UK Government’s proposals in the Nationality and Borders Bill, which would violate the United Nations Refugee Convention, would allow asylum seekers to enter the UK through another country by penalizing them. Reduce the rights of living refugees. And reducing aid to asylum seekers is even more dangerous in light of the Afghan refugee crisis.

The council has pledged support for campaigns by the Scottish Refugee Council and others to oppose the anti-immigrant bill.

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