September 20, 2021

Glasgow calls for council action on motorcycle lanes before COP26.

Calling active travel groups. Council Owner reconsider walking and cycling plans during COP26.

As the Glasgow Times reported last month, GoBike lobbied Glasgow City Council last month with a request to keep active business travel open during the conference.

The move follows reports that the East Wet Active Travel Corridor between Squinty Bridge and Particle will be closed during the November seasonal event.

Now GoBike, Glasgow Eco Trust and Get Glasgow Moving campaign councils are calling for a commitment to make safe active travel lenses.

Ivana Shepherd, who leads the GoBike campaign, said: “Closing Glasgow’s busiest route during the Climate Conference runs counter to the very purpose of the conference itself.

“While we recognize the safety grounds, the turn proposed by Glasgow City Council adds another two miles to cyclists’ travel and no promise.

Motor traffic protection on some very busy roads.

“Sharing space with motor vehicles is not something that many bike users feel safe, and active travel during the conference will not be an option for them.

“Many residents and delegates will be forced to use cars, which will further increase congestion and pollution in the city.

“We want to see high-quality safe active travel lenses during the conference and identify a solution outside the realm of security that requires council.

At least work harder than they promised.

In a declared climate emergency, while the city is hosting the world’s largest conference aimed at providing a solution to the crisis, we would expect the local authority to do much to help active travel. Which is an important solution to the problems we face. ”

GoBike said direct and traffic-free turns are needed, and without them, people’s safety, the environment and Glasgow’s reputation will be affected.

Glasgow City Council said safety restrictions limit owners from revealing too much about plans, but green walking and cycling options are being developed.

A spokesman for Gate Ready Glasgow said: “During COP26, we strive to encourage active travel among delegates and visitors, as well as our citizens.

“An active travel map is being developed and COP26 route tracking signs will help people get around the city.

“Some security routes will be closed and restricted to facilitate the conference, but alternative routes will be available and signed, so that active passengers can be reconnected to appropriate locations within the network.”

The United Nations Climate Conference will be held in Glasgow in November 2021 and will be hosted by the British Government.

Neil Lou Lock of the Glasgow Eco Trust said: “We are disappointed that the powers that be are not using COP26 as an opportunity to promote eco-friendly travel throughout the city.

“We’ve seen during the epidemic lockdown with the People’s Places program that the authorities can act quickly if needed.

“The clocks go back to the end of October, which makes traveling on the roads without cars more efficient.

“We demand the city council, the Scottish government, the police. Scotland And the UK government, in conjunction with GoBike Glasgow and others, came up with a workable solution that would allow more people to travel more efficiently and safely.

Get Glasgow Moving, the Better Public Transport Campaign, has also confirmed the calls, and reiterated its demand for free public transport during COP26.

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