September 21, 2021

Glasgow Cabbie loses license after overtaking ‘old lady’ in rush to reach diabetic wife

The GLASGOW taxi driver recklessly left an “elderly woman” behind to reach his diabetic wife, who was suffering from cancer when she fell ill at the shopping center.

Jagjit Singh drove at a speed of 90 miles per hour on the motorway and earned nine penalty points from 2018 through red traffic lights in separate incidents.

The councilors refused to renew Mr Singh’s private rental license. Council See you this week

He told politicians that he had managed to get to his wife through a 30mph “old” female driver at 60 mph. Mrs. Singh’s blood sugar had dropped in the East Kill Bride shopping mall.

But the politicians on the licensing and regulatory committee had no sympathy for Mr Singh when they heard all the details.

Mr Singh asked his wife to take a step back and explain to councilors why she had recklessly left the other driver behind in April last year.

Mrs Singh told the committee she had ovarian cancer, diabetes and was on her way out shopping.

He said: “My blood sugar has really dropped. I told Jagjit: ‘You need to come here, I’m not really well.’ So he hurried to see me and took me to the hospital.

Councilor Alex Wilson replied: “There is no excuse for anyone to drive without thinking whether you have to see or not. If you need medical help, dial 999 or 101.”

“You definitely don’t force your driver to do dangerous tricks on the road. There may be someone coming in the opposite direction and you don’t have a husband anymore or he destroys a family.”

Mrs Singh said: “I did not expect her to go beyond that. I told her to get there as soon as possible.

Mrs. Singh explained how she lost her sight and could not warn the staff. Members of the public took her arm and helped her wait for her husband from outside.

“I have type 1 diabetes and I take jelly babies,” said Independent Counselor Elspeth Kerr.

He added: “I think there are end-to-end situations. However, you must drive at normal speeds and be careful no matter what.

Mrs. Singh, who cannot work much due to her illness. Health“Jagit increases household income,” he said.

She agreed that her husband should be lazy and that he had made mistakes.

Commenting on how Mr Singh scored points in 2018, 2019 and 2020, Committee Chairman Councilor Wilson, SNP asked: “How did you not score points this year?”

Mr Singh said: “I am driving more carefully at the moment. I made a mistake.

Glasgow Times: Councilor Elspeth Kerr.Councilor Elspeth Care.

Elaborating further on the traffic signal offense, Mr Singh said the lights turned “very fast” red from Amber as he drove. He told the committee that the police were behind him at night in October 2019.

Answering other questions, Mr Singh confirmed that he was driving at a speed of more than 90 miles per hour on the motorway in 2018 in a rush to pick up his cousin. He said he had no idea how fast he left.

Councilor Wilson called it “unacceptable”: “You were lucky you didn’t have an accident.”

The meeting heard that Mr Singh had no passengers in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Mr Singh has six points on his license at a time when the three-year term from 2018 has recently expired.

Councilor Wilson said: “We have to make sure Mr Singh is a safe driver no matter what the situation. We have to make sure we can get people from A to B safely.

Police Scotland Objected to the renewal of his private rental license.

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