October 18, 2021

Glasgow Ben Mann woke up in the back court after fearing rats.

Glasgow Ben Man has received a tetanus jug after a rat scare him on the City Ben seat.

The worker was clearing a courthouse on Carnarron Street in the Woodlands before the shocking encounter last week.

The GMB union considers the incident an “attack”, but Glasgow City. Council He insisted that the rat run with the employee’s arm.

Benman was left with a scratch as a result of the ordeal.

Branch Convenor Chris Mitchell said: “Once again, a cleaner was admitted to the hospital after being attacked by a rat.

“Overall, we are aware that four benmen have been hospitalized over a nine-month period due to the rat crisis. But again, the council will deny that they have a rat problem that The only answer is that Glasgow needs a ‘spruce up’.

“It can’t continue. Will they just listen and make enough decisions when a member of the public or another person is seriously injured?”

“Again and again we are highlighting the problem that Glasgow is facing. We have enough manpower and people. The crisis is here and it is not going away.

Glasgow Times: Chris Mitchell.Chris Mitchell.

This came after we specifically revealed that there had been three rat attacks on Ben Man this year, prompting the union to threaten industrial action.

Each of the three cleaners was hospitalized and treated with a tetanus jug for their wounds. Glasgow City Council pest control teams have since been working with tenants on Carnarvon Street to keep the back court clean.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “It was a very unfortunate incident where a rat escaped from a box and ran over the arm of one of our workers.

“Our crew member suffered a minor injury to his arm, but was taken for precautionary treatment. The crew member was able to resume his duties shortly afterwards and spent the rest of the day in his shift. Completed without any side effects.

“Our pest control team is working at this address, but unfortunately Bun Court has been kept in poor condition. the meal And remains lying about other waste.

“We have contacted the address factor and they have taken up the task of clearing the premises for which they are responsible.

“Keeping the bin court in good order will help maximize the effectiveness of the pest control treatment, but we will carefully consider how it can be safely removed from the leaf in the meantime.”

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