“Girls send X-rated videos and messages, but no one wants to marry me because of my infamous family,” says Regan Gascoigne.

HIS family has barely been seen since his father became a football legend at the 90s World Cup in Italy.

But when Regan Gascoigne joined Dancing on Ice, he was still relatively unknown.


Regan Gascoigne says his family is crazy and will turn down girlfriends1 credit
Regan Says That She And Her Father, Paul Gascoigne, Live In The Present, Not The Past.


Regan says that she and her father, Paul Gascoigne, live in the present, not the past.Credit: © Zoe Savitz

Everything has changed since the dancer, the son of the hero of England, Paul Gascoigne amazed the audience with his sensational movements. He is now the favorite to win the ITV show.

It also gave the 26-year-old hunk an army of new fans who bombarded him with X-rated messages and photos, but no marriage proposals yet.

Regan said, “No, at least not yet. I don’t know why anyone would like me. They met with me and saw how crazy we are as a family.

“I think they would say, ‘Absolutely not! I can’t really tell what they said in the messages, it’s so embarrassing. But I laughed looking at them.

“These are rougher pictures than anything else and I don’t know what to say in response. It was all a bit overwhelming.”

Being a Gascoigne naturally means he’s aware of the media’s focus on his father Gazza and 35-year-old sister Bianca, a model and television presenter.

But in contrast, Regan has chosen to keep a low profile – though he now feels he’s shown off his own talent by showing off his amazing skating skills in “Dancing on Ice.”

He said: “It’s really funny, I had so many comments like ‘obviously your footwork was inherited.’ But our areas are completely different, and I think now everyone has seen that I can really dance.

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Dancing on Ice is the show I’ve been waiting for ages and always wanted to play. If I ever had the chance to be on a TV show, I would dream about it.”

He added, “I just always kept my composure until now and did what I did – like dancing.

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“I never wanted to use my dad’s success to achieve my own success, if that makes sense. I always wanted to work hard to get there.

“But now I’m just like, ‘Actually, I should have appreciated the fact that my father is so successful, and I’m getting this opportunity because of his success.’ I’m just grateful that he’s my dad.”

However, their relationship was affected by the 54-year-old Gazza’s addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling, as well as mental illness throughout most of his adult life, as well as financial problems and an eating disorder.

He also separated from Regan’s mother Cheryl in 1999 after only three years of marriage, which led to the breakup of the family unit they created when he adopted her children from a previous relationship, Mason and Bianca.

But Regan is now philosophical about her father, who took part in the Italian version of I’m a Celebrity last year. . . Get me out of here!

And along with his sister Bianca, who took part in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars last year, Paul was among the DOI viewers supporting his son.

Regan said: “I know a lot has happened in the past, but it’s already done, there’s no point dwelling on it.

“My dad and I are now similar in that we live in the present moment, focusing on what is ahead, and not on what happened in the past.

“What’s the point? It doesn’t help anyone. I think it just clicked between us as I got older because I realized we were so similar. I was a little terror as a child, but now we have a really special bond.

“We are different people compared to who we were then. I grew up, I see things differently. Dad is different too. We’re in a good place.”

“I wish it wasn’t a competition”

Now Regan says he’s fully focused on Dancing on Ice, where he took first place on the leaderboard alongside Pussycat Doll rival Kimberly Wyatt last week.

They were only 2.5 points ahead of former professional dancer Brendan Cole and Regan joked, “Maybe I need to start turning on Brendan – I can just tease him a little.

“He can’t dump me because I’m not competitive, but I can just start doing it with him.

“I just have a passion for it. It’s not that I say, “I want to win at all costs,” as if I tripped someone up to get ahead.

“Some people will trample someone to get there, but it’s not me. In fact, I feel like I wish it wasn’t a competition.”

Although, after seeing Kimberly’s incredible splits during the competition, he admits that he is a little jealous. He said: “I would also like to have flexibility. I’m very, very jealous.”

Aside from the pressure of weekly performances, Regan differs from most of the celebrities at the rink in that this is his first major TV experience, and it causes him tremendous stress.

He said, “Last week I couldn’t sleep at all. I made early starts, got up at five or six, but tried to go to bed at nine.

“I just couldn’t sleep. I lay there for an eternity, until about one in the morning, and the routine was spinning in my head.

“And obviously I hadn’t worked in television before. So I thought, “What will Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield ask me?”

Perfectionist Regan often berates himself for making mistakes at the rink. His last performance as the lizard had some wobbly moments.

Now he hopes to overcome the disappointment as he and dance partner Karina Manta move on to Musical Week, an area in which he has some experience as a stage performer.

He said, “Last weekend killed me. I loved this routine so much, and I so wanted it to be right. It just makes you more gutted because you want you to do your job better. Not only for myself, but also for Karina.

“I struggled a little. This is the first time I’ve been upset with myself. I watched it through clenched teeth, but I had to joke about it so I wouldn’t forget because it broke my heart a little.

“I literally cried after we finished the weekend, I did not expect this. I was ready to participate in this skate-off. So I’m just trying to enjoy this week.”

  • Dancing on Ice on ITV tomorrow at 6pm.
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Regan says that his dancing ability is no match for Paul’s father’s football ability.1 credit
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