October 27, 2021

Gillian Anderson, Emma Korn and Olivia Coleman lead the glam at the Ames screening in London.

Crown Prince Gillian Anderson, Emma Corinne and Olivia Coleman cheered at the Emmy Awards screening in London last night.

The hit Netflix drama was the biggest winner of the night, winning a stunning drama series, Lead Actress and Lead Actor Gong to reach an impressive 11 awards.

Gillian Anderson watched Ames Screening in London.


Gillian Anderson watched Ames Screening in London.Credit: Getty
Olivia Coleman won the Lead Actress award.


Olivia Coleman won the Lead Actress award.
Emma Corinne went in a weird yellow dress.


Emma Corinne went in a weird yellow dress.Credit: Getty

Gillian, who showed off her tandem in a chic cream crop top, won the Best Supporting Actress award for Margaret Thatcher’s turn.

She faced stiff competition from her co-stars Helena Bonham Carter and Emerald Fennell.

Dedicating his award to his longtime manager, Gillian said: “I really want to dedicate this award to a woman who has been my manager for 20 years, Connie Freiberg, who believed in me when no one else did. , And believed that when I have talent, I never thought I had talent, which always advised me to take the high road.

Olivia became the second Crown Actress to receive the Best Actress award for the role of Queen Elizabeth II after Claire Foy in 2017.

Controlling her emotions, she said: “What a wonderful way to screw people over.

“I wish my dad was here to see it,” he said.

Oscar-winning BETCO star Emma Corinne has been nominated for the role of Princess Diana.

Emma was happy for her teammates, applauding their victories with enthusiasm.

Her outfit was inspired by The Handmade Tail, which featured yellow bonnets, long sleeves and claws.

Gillian with her co-star Gong.


Gillian with her co-star Gong.Credit: Reuters
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