September 18, 2021

George Russell knocks Max Werstapen off Belgium’s GP as Lewis Hamilton is third

George Russell surprised Spa to qualify for the Belgian Grand Prix second behind Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton only finished third as the Williams star pulled himself up among the championship rivals with his latest mega performance on the toughest Saturday of the season.

George Russell finished second in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.


George Russell finished second in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.Credit: Getty

Mercedes has delayed deciding who will partner Hamilton next season, but Voltaire Botas will start only 13th in Sunday’s race, finishing eighth in qualifying with a five-place penalty in Hungary. has been.

Wet conditions at the spa promised a thrilling excitement for the grid, but the Belgian circuit’s growing reputation grew at risk after the massive destruction of Lando Norse.

The sky opened just moments before Q3, and 21-year-old McLaren lost control of the high-speed Eau Rouge before hitting race obstacles.

This was the scene of Friday’s Horror W series crash and Sebastian Vettel, who had already demanded a red flag to allow the season to pass, quickly shot on his team’s radio: “I did Said? “

Vettel slowly checked in front of Norse’s wreckage to see if Burt was OK and managed to get out before heading to the medical center.

Safety renovations have already been planned at a cost of 68 68 million, but Sunday’s race will also be accompanied by a wet track.

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Please, a long period of red flags let the rain pass and nine drivers stood and fought with a large spray behind each vehicle.

Russell’s best time was pushed aside by Russell, who at one point seemed to be holding on to his first Formula One pool.

Lando Norse crashed in heavy rain at the beginning of Q3.


Lando Norse crashed in heavy rain at the beginning of Q3.Credit: AFP
Sunday's run at the spa is going to be more humid.


Sunday’s run at the spa is going to be more humid.Credit: Scholar

Werstapen struggled on his first Q3 hot leap but has yet to move to the pole as he plans to fight Hamilton back in the championship duel.

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix frenzy that left a huge summer break on the mountain, race winner Esteban Okun finished ninth on the grand finale when Fernando Alonso placed his Alpine at 14th.

Nicholas Latifi and George Russell scored valuable points in Budapest and could do so again this weekend, as the Canadians chased Russell to the podium in second place before moving up to 12th.

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