October 20, 2021

Gemma Collins looks slimmer than ever as she shows a shrunken waist in tight party attire after a 3.5 stone weight loss

Gemma Collins looked thinner than ever when she showed off her shrinking waist in a tight party dress.

The 40-year-old star dropped 3.5 rocks and showed off her trim personality in a skinny dress on Instagram.

TV star Gemma Collins in a thin dress after losing 3.5 stone weight


TV star Gemma Collins in a thin dress after losing 3.5 stone weightCredit: Instagram

Toi Favorit paired the frock with leopard print heels and dressed her hair in glamorous waves.

Gemma boosted her confidence by modeling for a club L London outfit, with a friend commenting on her photo: “Oh, you look fab.”

Gemma recently cleaned a huge closet and sold all her 26 size clothes after losing weight.

The former only way Essex Star put her old clothes on the second hand selling website Depot after an incredible weight loss journey.

T-shirts, dresses and swimwear were seized as the star listed them at پا 10.

Gemma revealed that each item was “worn only once for filming”.

Lots of chic threads from her own Gemma Collins boutique line, but now her waist doesn’t fit her waist.

The TV star has also been attending fat loss sessions in the ice chamber to promote her weight loss.

GC revealed that she was inclined towards cryotherapy, which transfers pounds to a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius.

She recently went to a chamber for a nude session and announced: “I want one in my house.”

Also called cold therapy, it uses liquid nitrogen to lower the air temperature below the naturally recorded temperature on Earth. Bone-cooling -88.2C in 1983 in Antarctica

It helps with various ailments and is said to get rid of 800 calories in a single five minute, £ 100 session.

The cost of new chambers ranges from 000 50,000 to £ 100,000. Former ice contestant Gemma told her Radio 1 podcast: “I’m doing something great.

“I went to an ice chamber and, yes, I was naked.

“It was negative 188C and it freezes your body and it starts getting rid of all your fat.

“I actually want to put one in my house. I want to go into it all day every day.”

Gemma also said that she gave up the cake, adding: “Just think after you work out, that little cake, it’s another hour that’s going to be a hell of a weight, no, it’s her. Not worth it. “

Gemma has also been sharing exercise videos on Instagram.


Gemma has also been sharing exercise videos on Instagram.Credit: Instagram
Jima Collins continues her journey of losing weight by going out for a run.

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