Garden Rescue fans call transformation ‘worst ever’

Fans of GARDEN Rescue called the £6,000 transformation “the worst ever” after comparing the new look to a “construction site”.

On the Tuesday night edition of the BBC show, Karen and her husband Colin from Romsey turned to brothers Rich and Charlie Dimmock for help.


The back garden was a mess and in need of some serious TLC.1 credit
Fans Were Left Unimpressed As They Said The Garden Was &Quot;Unfinished&Quot;


Fans were left unimpressed as they said the garden was “unfinished”.1 credit

Karen, who works as a chaplain for hospital patients at the end of their lives, has been looking for a relaxing Italian retreat outside of her home.

She and her significant other told experts they needed a “garden where she could relax and unwind” so she could free her mind after work.

“Maybe the Italians feel how much we love Italy,” Karen told the cameras. “Perhaps a gazebo, vines, something like that.”

The couple had a modest budget of £6,000, which was given to gardener Charlie, who planned to bring Italian elements to Hampshire.

The presenter was seen hauling around £500 worth of boulders and a wooden trellis gazebo in an attempt to replicate an Italian “farmhouse”.

While Karen and Colin were impressed with the space, which was completed with a fountain and patio, fans weren’t so sure.

Many took to Twitter to complain about the finished product, calling it “looks like a construction site.”

“This is the worst garden rescue I have ever seen,” one viewer began, while another agreed: “It looks like a construction site.”

“For £6k I expected a lot more,” a third chimed in, while a fourth wrote: “I love parts of this but it looks unfinished #gardenrescue.”

“I’d be pissed as hell if I came home and some asshole did this to my garden!” the fifth spectator angrily concluded.

Others were baffled by the prices of the items, including one olive tree that only cost £500.

This isn’t the first time viewers have been unhappy with the garden’s transformation, as fans dubbed the garden “shockingly bad” earlier this month.

The gardeners have been given a £6,000 budget to transform the space, and fans have shared their feedback on social media.

One tweeted: “This is a nightmare garden #gardenrescue – too much going on and too much growing out of the gravel. In two years it will be a real mess and the gravel will be full of cat shit.”

Another said: “#gardenrescue £6,000 wasted. Terrible”.

Earlier this month, it was revealed why Charlie Dimmock will NEVER let fans see his own garden.

The 55-year-old has helped transform so many people’s gardens over the years through her work on Ground Forces and the BBC show.

However, Charlie keeps her garden under wraps, and back in 2016, she explained why.

Karen And Colin Were Amazed By The Garden, But The Audience Was Less Impressed.


Karen and Colin were amazed by the garden, but the audience was less impressed.1 credit
The Couple Asked &Quot;Italian&Quot; Feel Their New Garden


The couple wanted their new garden to look Italian.1 credit

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